How to Stay Active During Pregnancy

October 10, 2020

As the months of your pregnancy begin, we know it can be hard to stay active. You may not feel like moving around much and it may be hard to fit any sort of activity in with everything else going on. But staying active during pregnancy has proven to reduce the risk of complications and make your overall pregnancy experience better. So, we have compiled a list of tips to help you stay on track.

1.Start with a slower walk and move up to a brisker pace. This can be done around your house when you’re going from the parking lot to the grocery store, or during a break at work. Walking is a great, low impact option for pregnant moms.

2.Find a buddy. Having another pregnant mom with you means you can both keep each other accountable and have fun while staying active.

3.Find activities you enjoy. If you didn’t like going to yoga before you got pregnant you aren’t going to like it now. Finding exercises that you like will increase the likelihood of sticking to it. Just be sure to clear them with your doctor first.

4.Sign up for a class. Having a set time every week that you are being active will help keep you on track!

5.Dance around This is an awesome way to have fun and get yourself moving. Put on some of your favorite pump up music and dance around your house. If you have other children this is a great way to get them involved as well!

Using these tips to help you stay active will help keep both you and your baby healthy and happy. Just make sure to check with us before starting a new exercise routine.

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