What is nausea?


Amidst various medical conditions, nausea stands as a prevalent symptom, acknowledged by the unsettling feeling in the stomach or an intense desire to vomit. This discomfort, experienced by many, serves as a notable indicator of underlying health issues. The sensation of nausea can vary in its intensity, prompting individuals to seek relief and care to alleviate this distressing condition.

Causes of nausea

  • Heartburn or GERD, Stomach viruses, Medication
  • Food poisoning, Chemotherapy, Diet, Motion Sickness Risk factors for nausea
  • There are a variety of risk factors that may increase a person’s likelihood of suffering from nausea.
  • You may be at greatest risk if you:, Are pregnant, Have a digestive tract disorder
  • Are undergoing cancer treatment, Have heart disease

Nausea is a common symptom of many medical conditions

Symptoms of nausea are typically uncomfortable but not extremely painful.

Your primary care doctor can diagnose nausea if necessary, though it’s easily recognized by the feeling of discomfort

There are many different causes of nausea.

Symptoms of nausea are typically uncomfortable but not extremely painful.

Symptoms of nausea

Most common symptoms are discomfort in the chest, upper abdomen or the back of the throat.

Nausea can be associated with:

  • Abdominal pain,Headache, Fever, Diarrhea
  • Gas or bloating, Vomiting, Dizziness or lightheadedness, Pregnancy

Diagnosis of nausea

Diagnosing nausea can be effectively done by your primary care doctor if deemed necessary, although it is generally recognizable by the discomfort it brings.

During your medical evaluation, your physician may inquire about your symptoms through a series of questions, diligently explore potential contributing factors, and conduct tests to confirm the underlying cause of your discomfort.

What is the treatment for nausea?

Treatment for nausea

To relieve mild nausea symptoms, try the following at-home care:

  • Drink water
  • Eat bland foods such as crackers or broth
  • Avoid sweets and greasy foods
  • Rest with your head elevated

If your nausea does not improve, your doctor may prescribe medications that will relieve your symptoms.


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